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  In Millville Public Schools, students use technology resources to learn skills, knowledge, and behaviors they need to succeed in an increasingly interconnected global community.

Students are provided with district-owned technology resources which may include but are not limited to desktop computers, tablets, other mobile devices, and printers. Students are expected to demonstrate digital citizenship by conducting themselves in a safe, legal, and ethical manner at all times when using district systems and resources. Students are held to these standards of conduct when accomplishing school-related tasks regardless of whether they are accessing these resources from inside or outside the Millville Public School District using district-owned or personal equipment


  General Computing Policy
   Do not share your username or password with anyone else or try to discover or use anyone else’s username or password.

 Do not try to access, view, or use data or network resources for which you do not have permission through hacking or any other means.

 Do not post personal information about yourself or others, this personal information includes a person’s full name, phone number, address, or birth date, or an identifiable photo.

 Do not remove any labels, emblems or parts (keys off a keyboard) from district issued devices.

  Integrity, Availability, and Security of all Technology Resources
   Use technology resources, including district-issued accounts such as email, productively and appropriately and only for school assignments and learning related purposes. For example, do not store personal music files, pictures, or software/games in your account.

 Use technology resources in a way that does not disrupt the teaching or learning of other users. For example, do not continuously listen to or watch (stream) music, radio, news, or video from the Internet unless it is related to a learning activity.

 Do not intentionally modify computers or other equipment attempting to install software, hacking, spreading viruses or malware, or making physical changes to or damaging technology equipment.

 User realizes that the Millville Public School District reserves the right to view any material stored in files.

 Do not attempt to bypass Internet filters by using proxy sites, hacking, or any other means. Request unblocking of educationally necessary Internet resources using established District procedures.

 Immediately report problems or security violations, such as broken equipment or inappropriate technology or password use, to a teacher or administrator.


  Learning Community
   Use communication tools only in ways that are kind and respectful. This includes email, blogs, discussion boards, wikis, chat/instant messaging, texting, websites, and virtual learning environments.

 User will not delete, examine, copy, or modify files and/or data belonging to other users. The exception to this would be students collaborating on shared documents.

 Do not intentionally access, copy, share, or create material that violates the school’s code of conduct, including material that is pornographic, threatening, rude, discriminatory, or meant to harass.


  Social Media Guidelines
 Under no circumstances should negative comments be made about staff, parents or other students.

 Unless otherwise stated by teachers or other staff, use of social media shall not be permitted during classroom hours.

 Be respectful of the opinions of others in your posts or comments.

 Your online behavior should reflect the same standards of honesty, respect and consideration that you use face-to-face.


  Consequences for Violation
  Use of Millville Public Schools technology resources is a privilege, not a right, and may be revoked if abused. Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action, including the loss of a student’s privileges to use the district’s information technology resources. Other consequences may also occur under the Student Code of Conduct and other legal action may be taken in accordance with applicable laws.

  Student Technology Acceptable Use Agreement
  The completion of this form indicates that you have read the policy and understand the same. It also indicates that you agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the policy. This form must be signed both by you and a parent/guardian before you will be permitted to have access to the districts’ network.

I understand and agree to accept and abide by the Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy. I also understand that if I fail to follow the policy, my access to the computer network, email services and the Internet, may be suspended. I may be subject to other discipline, and there may even be criminal consequences to my behavior depending upon the severity of my actions.

  Select Date
  The District in its sole discretion will determine whether a violation of this agreement has occurred and can take any remedial action including termination of the agreement.

  As a parent/guardian of the student, above, I hereby give my permission for my child to access the district computer system which includes access to the Internet and possibly email. I have read the Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy, and I understand that my child is expected to abide by all policies described. I understand that the district is employing filtering software, but that it is not always effective. I also understand that when my child is accessing the district computer system from outside of school, I am responsible to provide appropriate supervision.
  The District in its sole discretion will determine whether a violation of this agreement has occurred and can take any remedial action including termination of the agreement.
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