Advanced Placement Summer Assignment Update

Posted by David N Gentile at 9/29/2015 3:20:00 PM


Hello all,


There is an ongoing discussion regarding summer assignments for our advanced placement students. The conversation recently was refueled during our most recent board of education meeting (9/21/15) where several parents, students, and staff members made comments during the "public comment" section of the board meeting. The comments varied, but several themes were consistent among speakers: a) the amount and b)the value of the summer assignments took center stage. All who spoke seemed to agree that summer assignments are a necessary piece of the advanced placement students' education; the discussion varied around how much work is appropriate and that each assignment must have value. 


To review, last year many parents and students spoke at a board meeting expressing similar concerns. The board at that time asked me to look into the concerns. A committee was formed and meetings were held to review the summer assignment workload. Some changes were made.


The "public comment" section of the board meeting (9/21/15) indicates that while some changes were made last year, many in attendance would like to see more. Following the most recent board meeting, I met with the high school administration and district assistant superintendent for curriculum & instruction in an effort to continue the review and monitoring of our advanced placement program, specifically the summer assignments. I had the opportunity to meet with the various department chairs during their recent meeting. At that meeting, I instructed them to meet with their departments and review their summer assignments. I asked them to be able to answer two questions:

1. Is the work load too much? (*consider students who take multiple AP classes)

2. Does the work hold educational value? (and be able to explain why)

Once the department chairs and departments have completed their review I will meet with them and report back.

 *I want to thank all of those who expressed their opinions during the meeting. This board truly values your input and works to maintain an open line of communication with our community. 

Stay Tuned...

Dr. G