• CUMBERLAND COUNTY HUMAN SERVICES TRANSPORTATION PROGRAM Non-Emergency Transportation Services to residents of Cumberland County, New Jersey 1-800-856-9609 x 307 A Prevention Initiative of The Southwest Council, Inc.


    How Do I Utilize the Service

    Call 1-800-856-9609 x307

    24 hours in advance is required

    Five days notice for weekend and out-of-state requests, to schedule a ride

    Provide accurate information to helpful staff members

    Saturday and nighttime trips to/from group meetings will be available, on a case-by-case basis

    Children under 14 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian while being transported

    Please no food or beverage permitted on van



    The Cumberland County Human Services Transportation Program, CCHSTP offers free of charge, non-emergency transportation for residents of Cumberland County who need transportation to the following services:

    Mental Health Counseling/Services

    Family Support Services and Programs

    Healthcare/Medical Appointments

    Drug and Alcohol Counseling Services

    Prevention Programs

    Early Intervention Programs

    Social Service Appointments

    Other Healthcare Services *Out-of-county, out-of-State, and weekend Transportation Services also available with five days notice.*