• Easy IEP for General Education Teachers


    How to access the Easy IEP system


    To log into the easy IEP system, go to: 




    Enter your user name and password.


    User name:  first name SPACE last name (all lower case)

    Password:  as assigned

    If you have forgotten you password, please contact:


    Sherry Gromes sherry.gromes@millvillenj.gov

    Kathy Robinson kathleen.robinson@millvillenj.gov

    Sue Whilden  susan.whilden@millvillenj.gov



    Once you have logged into the system, you must create a caseload for yourself which includes all IEP students currently on your class roster(s).  As your class roster changes, you may add or delete students at any time.


    How to create your caseload


    Log in to the Easy IEP system.


    Click “Wizards” on the green toolbar.


    On the next screen, click the “Caseload Setup Wizard” link.


    If you already have a caseload, it will appear on the next screen.  Scroll to the end of your caseload and click the “Add more students to your caseload” button. If you do not have an existing caseload, just click the “Add more students to your caseload” button.


    On the next screen, select a school from the dropdown menu.  Type in the student’s last name.  Click the “View Student” button.


    The next screen will include a list of all students with the last name you entered.  Find your student.  Check the “IEP Team” box to add yourself to the student’s IEP team. 


    Scroll to the bottom of the student list and click either the “Add Students to caseload” or “Add Students to caseload then find more” button. 


    Once a student has been added to your caseload, you may view the student’s IEP in the Easy IEP system.


    How to view a student IEP


    Log in to the easy IEP system.


    Click “Students” on the toolbar. 


    On the next screen, type in the student’s last name.  Click the “View student” button at the bottom of the screen.


    On the next screen, you will see a list of all students with the last name you entered.  Click on your student’s name. 


    On the next screen, click “Documents” on the blue toolbar.


    On the next screen, scroll to the bottom and click on the “IEP” link for the most recent IEP (usually at the top of the document list).


    The student’s IEP will appear!


    You may read any or all sections of the document, and you are encouraged to do that.  However, it is essential that you read the modifications/ accommodations section which applies to the content area you teach.  Modifications/accommodations are located several pages into the document immediately following the annual goals and objectives section.


    In the event that your student’s IEP is not included in the Easy IEP system, please e-mail Kathleen Robinson at kathleen.robinson@millvillenj.gov  to request a copy of the student’s accommodations.  (Students who have recently transferred into the district may not yet be included in the easy IEP system. However, paper copies of IEPs for these students are located in the district office, and accommodations information can be copied for you at your request).