• How to Earn Credit at Millville Senior High School

    Posted by Pamela Moore on 11/13/2013 3:50:00 PM

    Students at Millville High School are able to earn collegecredits in two ways. The first way is through the school’s dual-credit programwith Cumberland County College. In this program, students take classes at thehigh school, but also receive credit at CCC by paying a fee and maintaining aqualifying grade in the course. These courses are aligned with the college’scurriculum and, along with the teacher, are approved by the college. In the2012-2013 school year, 162 students earned college credits at CCC through the14 dual-credit program classes offered at Millville High School. These studentscan use these credits at CCC or have the college send their transcripts to thecolleges they are attending and use the credits toward degrees there.


    The second way is to take an Advanced Placement (AP) course and the test that corresponds to the course. The AP program is aglobal program administered by The College Board, the same company that runsthe SATs. Each year during the first two weeks of May, around four millionstudents worldwide sit for one or more of the 34 AP tests offered. The testslast around four hours each. Like the dual-credit program, The College Boardmust approve a school’s curriculum for any AP course, but the school canappoint any of its teachers to instruct the course. The tests are scored in Juneand students receive their scores in the beginning of July each year. TheCollege Board assigns a numerical score of 1-5 to each test, with each scoreequivalent to a grade in a corresponding college course. A score of five isequivalent to an A or A+, a four is equivalent to a B, B+, or an A-, a three isequivalent to a C, C+, or B-, and so on. Almost all colleges and universitiesin the country accept scores of three or above to allow students to receivecredit or to be placed into more advanced courses.


    Millville students scored a three or higher on 39different exams in May, with eight students doing so on multiple exams. JeromeFile and Joseph Worthington both scored three or above on four different tests.Millville students will receive college credit in the following subjects: Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, English Literature and Composition,Macroeconomics, Psychology, Studio Art, United States Government and Politics,and United States History. In addition, 12 students scored the highest possiblescore, a five, on their exams, an achievement just under 14% of studentsnationwide accomplish. Zack Brown, Casey Derella, Nate Dion, Austin Gould,Hayley Kane, James Miner, Alexander Rusted, Haleigh Sockwell, Elizabeth Sooy,Frank Uzzolina, and Harrison Weiskopf all scored fives on the Calculus exam andJoseph Worthington scored a five on the United States History exam. The 11fives on the Calculus exam were the most in one subject in a single year sinceMillville started administering AP exams in 1986.
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